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"The 2 piece who are split between the UK and Argentina have established themselves as a key player in the music industry over the last few years.."


- Global Sound Group -



Gabriel is an international, 100% virtual and internet-based collaboration between singer/songwriter Sally Elsey, and guitarist/producer Albert Vinasco.


Formed in March of 2009, Sally and Albert met via their online participation in the musician community site, Broadjam. Although separated by thousands of miles and the vast Atlantic ocean, both musicians had common musical roots and influences. Both spent their early years listening to the Beatles and then branching into broader progressive rock and early metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Camel, Yes, Queen, Focus, Deep Purple and of course Black Sabbath. 

As they both began playing and writing music, their musical styles were further influenced by the growth of heavy metal into more and more sub-genres, wherein they have been influenced by Speed Metal  bands such as Metallica, Anthrax, Agnostic Front, The Cro-Mags, and Megadeth, Industrial Metal bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie, Progressive Metal bands such as Queensryche, Dream Theater,  and Iron Maiden, Nu-Metal bands such as Korn, the Deftones, Limp Bizkit, and Stained, and Goth Metal bands such as Type O Negative, Lacuna Coil, After Forever, Within-Temptation and Epica.

Early on, Sally and Albert sought to pay tribute to these great bands while bringing their own unique style of composition and arrangement to the genres of progressive rock and metal music. Together, Sally and Albert combine their highly melodic approaches to create music that is both sweet and powerful, with lush vocal and guitar harmonies, dynamic approaches to rhythm, and innovative melodies. 




Sally Elsey

Lead vocals, backing vocals, piano, synthesizers, composition and arrangements.

Sally is a singer/song writer from London. Sally primarily composes her music around piano-based progressions and lyrics.

The result is a soft, warm and melodic sound that is full of dimension and emotion. Born in London, England, into a musical family, Sally grew up surrounded by music including classical, jazz, theater, rock and metal. Sally began playing music at the early age of 7, starting with violin and then moving on to piano. Sally joined her first band called “Splitz” as keyboard player. She later went on to play in “Chameleon” and “Fifth Moon”, two progressive rock band on the London scene. Sally has also written a broad range of original music for children, choral arrangements and orchestra scores.

Albert Vinasco

Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, synthesizers, samplers, drums and drum programming, composition, arrangements, engineering and final production.

Born Albert Vinasco de Durig, in the mid-west of the United States, Albert is a guitarist and recording engineer whose compositions are inspired by the portrayal of emotional content through modern rock and metal guitar. Albert began playing guitar at the age of eleven and was playing live at the age of 13 as bassist for The Endtables, a progressive punk rock band led by his brother, Alex. From those early roots in punk, Albert went on to play bass in the progressive rock band, Melusian, and then as lead guitarist in the Uninvited. Throughout those years, Albert had the privilege to play with many great bands including Soul Asylum, The Circle Jerks, Black Flag, The Descendents, Anthrax, Agnostic Front and The Cro-Mags. After years playing live, Albert began to focus his energies on audio engineering and studio production.

All music is written, recorded and produced by Gabriel (Sally Elsey and Albert Vinasco).

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